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Zija Independent Distributor

Zija International Opportunity

Eight Reasons to Start

Eliminate Debt
Retirement Savings
Rainy Day Fund
Be Mortgage Free
Enjoy More Freedom
Increase Tax Benefits
Dream Home and Cars
Improve Your Health

Zija Independent Distributor

Eight Ways to Earn

Direct Sales
First Order Bonus
Builder Bonus
Volume Rebate
Team Commissions
Leadership $ Match
Diamond Pool
Multi Business Centres

Where is Zija Around the World

International Distributors

You can order Zija products from this website and have them shipped to any of the listed countries simply by selecting your location during the ordering process. It really doesn't get much easier.

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Be a Member of Team Drink Moringa

Zija Independent Distributors

Team Drink Moringa was established in 2011 and continues to grow and thrive as a network of Zija International Independent Distributors. All Team Members receive the full support, knowledge, and experience of our International team!

If you are currently a Preferred Customer please log into your MyZija Office and sign up to be a Distributor from the links available there. New Distributors, from any of the listed countries, may sign up directly from this website by clicking the link below.

If you have any questions about becoming a Zija Independent Distributor please e-mail Jimmy Fryksten at

Sweden - Become a Zija Independent Distributor Now with Jimmy Fryksten

For more information about us and the opportunity Zija represents please visit our Team Drink Moringa business website.

Zija - Business Opportunity

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